Sand Extraction
Lots 1 & 2 DP732708 - Old Telegraph Road Maroota 

PF Formation was granted development consent in July 2017 (DA/1380/2014) by Hornsby Council subject to conditions. 

Click here to view Development Consent (DA/1380/2014)

Hitchcock Road Sand Extraction Development 

This major sand extraction area between Hitchcock Road, Old Northern Road and Wisemans Ferry Road Maroota was approved by the Department of Planning and Environment in 2009.

The Department of Planning and Environment have completed compliance audits for sand quarries in NSW between May and August 2015. To view a copy of the DP & E Summary of the Compliance Audit Campaign of NSW Sand Quarries please click here.

Click here for a copy of the Conditions of Approval.

Click here for Environmental Monitoring Results

Click here for 2015 Revegetation Report.

Click on the following reports for copies of the approved environmental strategy and management plans as well as a summary of all monitoring results from the most recent Annual Environmental Management Report.

         Environmental Strategy
         Air Quality Monitoring Program
         Noise Management Plan
         Water Management Plan
         Landscape Management Plan
         Annual Environmental Management Report 2017 
               - AEMR 2017 Attachment 1-8
               - AEMR 2017 Attachment 9-10
               - AEMR 2017 Attachment 11
               - AEMR 2017 Attachment 12
               - AEMR 2017 Attachment 13-14
               - AEMR 2017 Attachment 15



An Independent Environmental Audit (IEA) is completed every 3 years and as a result of each audit a Response to Audit Recommendations (RAR) report is submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment. The last IEA was conducted initially in April 2017 ( shown above as Attachment 15 of the 2017 AEMR) 

Following a review from the Department of Planning and Environment an amended report was submitted in August 2017.

Click here to view the August 2017 Amended  IEA

Click here to view the 2017 PF Formation RAR report

Lot 2 DP 748820  Old Telegraph Road Maroota

In 2009 PF Formation acquired the site previously known as Maroota Mining. The site is consented to process material from other sites in Maroota.

Click on the following reports for copies.

           Conditions of Approval
           Environmental Management Plan - Updated May 2017
           Annual Environmental Management Report 2017

Part Lot 2 DP 510812 and Part Lot 3 DP 567166,
Old Northern Road, Maroota

PF Formation was granted Development Consent at the site by Hornsby Council in 2009. The site is consented for 35 truckloads per day averaged over one month. In accordance with council approval an Environmental Management Plan was established and Annual Environmental Management Reports are produced.                 

              Conditions of Approval
              Environmental Management Plan - Updated November 2016
              Annual Environmental Management Report - 2017

Community Liaison & Review Meetings

PF Formation has regular meetings to liaise and review it's operations with Councils, community representation and other government authorities.  The current community representatives are Marianne Scheumack, Shaunagh Hitchcock & Lisa Aylward

If community have any concerns, please contact John Graham or Peter Cummins to discuss it with us.  If they are unwilling to raise them directly with  PF Formation they could advise their community representatives so they can raise them at these meetings.  The meetings are held bi-annually in May and November.  Copies of the minutes are detailed below. 

         May 2012 Minutes
         May 2013 Minutes  
         May 2014 Minutes
         May 2015 Minutes  
         May 2016 Minutes
         May 2017 Minutes
         May 2018 Minutes