About PF Formation

PF Formation is a family owned and operated business. The business was established in 1956 by Glen Graham with the initials PF coming from Glen’s wife name: Patricia Fay. By 1983 their sons, John and Paul, had taken over the business and commenced sand extraction at Maroota with John taking over the full management of the business in 2004. In 2016 John’s sons Joshua and Luke have taken over and are now running the business.

PF Formation has now been operating at Maroota since 1983.

The Maroota area has two distinct sands types known as ‘friable sandstone’ and ‘tertiary sand’. PF Formation supplies both sand types to the market.

Tertiary sand is found in the southern of Maroota area and is mainly used in concrete related products in the Sydney market such as the manufacture of bricks, pavers, masonry blocks, concrete pipes, roof tiles & a large proportion of concrete plants throughout Sydney.

The sand has been used in projects such as the Foreign Affairs Building in Canberra, Star City Casino, the M2 motorway and the Olympic facilities at Homebush. Recently our sand has been used for the pre-stress concrete panels that will line the North West rail construction & the Port Botany container terminal extension.

Friable sandstone is used for bricklaying sand and is found in the northern area of Maroota. The tertiary sand originally overlay the sandstone which over thousands of years made the sandstone friable so that it breaks down to sand. Over the years the colour was leached from the sandstone leaving the white sand Maroota is known for.

The Maroota area now provides approximately 10% of Sydney’s total sand supplies. Approximately 50% of Sydney’s white bricklaying sand is sourced from Maroota.

PF Formation has expanded over the years but its business is built around the quarrying activities at Maroota. The company continues to strive to improve the business, the environmental controls and the relationship with the local community.

At PF Formation we value the safety and well being of our employees, customers and suppliers. Currently we are actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and we are implementing our business contingency plan to keep our employees and sites safe.

We have conducted a Risk Assessment & put together a Safety Alert for Customers, Contractors, Suppliers and visitors coming on site in conjunction with guides & references from Safework NSW, NSW Government, & Australian Government Department of Health. We have also decided to ask every person entering our site to sign (or answer the questions) on our Declaration Form every 2 weeks to ensure they are practicing the safe protocols as advised by the Government Bodies.

Attached are copies of the documents.

PFF Risk Assessment
PFF Safety Alert
PFF Declaration Form

We no longer have restricted opening hours although we still request that everyone who comes on site adheres to our distancing & hand sanitising hygene rules. Please contact the weighbridge on 02 4566 8314 if you have any concerns on the opening hours.

Please feel free to contact Dianna Rea on admin@pfformation.com.au if you have any suggestions or feedback to help us improve our system in place.

Thanks and BE SAFE