The management of PF Formation is committed to:

  • Maintaining a safe and healthy place to work;
  • Giving each employee and contractors as much responsibility as possible for the safe performance of their job;
  • Providing safe plant, machinery and equipment;
  • Reducing, eliminating and controlling risks to the health and safety of employees and contractors;
  • Having employees and contractors work in a responsible manner and minimize environmental pollution particularly noise and dust;
  • Encouraging employees and contractors to report environmental pollution, safety hazards and unsafe acts by others.

We understand the importance of being good stewards of the land and we believe in reclaiming lands and leaving them in a condition as good or better than we found them.

Our mining operations, of course, temporarily disturb nature’s beauty, but on completion we rehabilitate our disturbance into good agricultural land by actually improving the soil quality for future farming or return land back to bushland.

We are genuinely enthusiastic about rehabitating the land and restoring it so there is no evidence of sandmining.