Dust deposition is monitored on a monthly basis via dust gauges located at four locations around the Maroota area including Maroota Public School. Sites 1 to 3 relate to the EPA Licence No. 3407 and can be found in the Hitchcock Road AEMR. Site 4 relates to EPA License No. 3829 and can be found in the Pit 5 AEMR.

The results are reported to the EPA annually in the form of an Annual return. The EPA set a limit of 4 grams/m2/month for insoluble solids averaged over a 12 month reporting period.

2019 – 2020 Reporting Period Dust Results

2020 – 2021 Reporting Period Dust Results

2021 – 2022 Reporting Period Dust Results


Operator attended noise monitoring is carried out quarterly at seven locations. Locations 1 to 4 relate to the Hitchcock Road Sand Project, ,locations 5 and 7 relate to the Pit 4 Quarry and location 6 relates to the Pit 5 Quarry. The locations and annual reports can be found in each respective AEMR.

July 2020 Results
October 2020 Results
January 2021 Results
April 2021 Results


Water samples are collected quarterly from selected locations downstream from each site. Samples are collected (when creeks are in flow) quarterly or after significant rainfall events. The sampling locations can be found in the AEMR for each site.

Reporting Period Water Results

2019 Aug Pit 4&5
2019 Aug Hitchcock Road
2019 Sept Pit 4, Lot 198, Maroota Lodge Dams 1&2, Hitchcock Road Dams
2019 Sept Maroota Lodge Dams 1&2
2019 Oct Maroota Lodge Dams 1&2
2019 Dec Pit 5, Pit 4, Hitchcock Road, Lot 98, Maroota Lodge Dams 1&2
2020 Mar Lot 198, Hitchcock Road, Pit 5, Pit 4 Maroota Lodge Dams 1&2